Eights Days Campaign

Eight Days of (a different) light

For the eight day long Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, Hamushim launched a campaign shedding light on different aspects of the Israeli arms industry. On each day of the 8 days of Hanukkah, a post about one of the following issues was shared widely, all including a concrete call for action for people to engage in and call for restrictions on arms and arms trade. (All texts are available in Hebrew, Arabic and English).

Day 1: Israeli arms enable brutal slaughter in South Sudan, encouraged and enabled by the Israeli establishment

Day 2: The Israeli media – from lack of criticism to marketing Israeli security industries.

Day 3: How do Zionist organizations train American police forces in the policing and suppression of a population like the Palestinian population? The Anti-Defamation League and police trainings.

Day 4: 100,000  new firearms in civilian spaces

Day 5: Who builds a wall better than Israel? American aid and the border with Mexico (which the Mexicans will pay for)

Day 6: The Olympic Games – from promoting universal comradery through sports, to Israeli defense industries cruelly harming poor people and helping repress protests.

Day 7: The Israeli defense industry and the Philippine war on drugs.

Day 8: Who actually oversees the trade in Israeli arms?

By the end of 8 days, close to 1,500 people engaged with the posts on social media, and over 68,000 people were exposed to them. The posts that were also published on a critical online magazine, sparked debate about a hardly discussed issue, shedding light on the darkness that surrounds the Israeli arms industry and export.